The Family Enrichment Center welcomes applicants for teacher/tutorer openings, K-12, for the 2021-2022 school year.

A degree is not required but a meaty resume and experience is required. All teachers will be vetted. A degree is a plus. Applicants must possess a personal faith in the Lord Jesus, as evidenced by their lifestyle and an ardent enthusiasm for their work. They must also stand in agreement with our Statement of Faith. Applicants must have a desire to grow in the craft of teaching and learning.

To inquire about teaching, send us your resume, references, college transcripts to [email protected]

Feel free to contact us for more information

Tutor FAQ

What are my responsibilites?

Depending on the tutor position you choose to fill, (part-time - one morning a week, vs. full time - two mornings a week, one class subject per grade, this could entail one hour or three hours. The choices are yours,) your responsibility would be to teach a small class of students per subject you choose or grade, the material agreed upon between tutor and Director. A 20-30 minute lesson from board and with manipulatives if needed, with a follow-up twenty minutes of helping students with work and assigning homework.

What do you pay tutors?

Tutors are paid on a sliding scale, depending on the position they are hired for. Tutors receive an hourly pay rate from $18-20/hour/class/subject. Electives for afternoon rates will vary.

Do I need to be available off school days to answer questions? Do we give math tests and quizzes?

We have a facilitator app we will be working with. You will be asked to answer questions on the day you tutor, but no on the off days.

You are not required to give tests or quizzes during a weekly schedule. One test per quarter will be given. Quizzes are optional per tutor.

What curriculum would I be using?

We will establish the curriculum of choice with each tutor per subject. If the tutor does not have preference, we will recommend a few choices. The parents will be required to purchase the books needed. The syllabus for the school year will be finalized between each tutor and the Director, September McCarthy before August 1st.

How many students would I have in any given class?

Enrollment the first year will be smaller. We can predict from 5-10 for per class for the first year.

What days and times would I be working?

All classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30-12:30. Your working hours may only be a portion of this time or the whole morning, all depending on your class specifics and the schedule. If you teach an elective in the afternoons, after 1:00pm, you would be working at this time.

What grades are you looking for math tutors?

We are looking for any/all grades for math tutors at this time. Each tutor can choose to rotate and teach more than one grad/age class, or choose the grade/age they are most comfortable with and teach only this. As the Center's enrollment grows and the tutor base expands, we will have multiple options.

If teaching math only two days a week, are you looking for creative hands on type math with manipulatives, or are you looking for like on the board style teaching with manipulatives used for kids who just aren’t getting it? Or is this partly the time for testing and quizzes?

All teaching and learning styles are different. We encourage a lesson from the board with hands-on learning manipulatives in the classroom for part of the class period for this learning style. We encourage the advantage of homeschool style learning in a classroom setting.

Am I responsible for correcting all the math work? Or is this something the parents do?

You will correct the work from Monday's assignments and Wednesday assignments. The other days, the homeschool parent is expected to and required to grade and assign the work for their students at home.

Part of this "grading system," will be to collect the assignment after reviewing it on the board for collective corrections. This will enforce the concepts and build on the newest daily lesson. The student will grade their paper during review time and turn this paper in before leaving.