Core Model FAQ

  • What material will FEC be using for my student’s classes?

    FEC has carefully chosen curriculum agreed upon with the select tutors/class and subject. The purchase of a select textbook/workbook will be required for purchase by parents. The supply list will be provided upon enrollment. The specific curriculum can be discussed at the student assessment and personal interview with the Director and at the Open House in August.

  • Do you report to the state for me?

    FEC will provide two days of material covered (depending on the enrollment each student chooses,) and will fulfill those days - week over school days required for submission. FEC is co-teaching with you as a parent to teach, assign and grade on the days the students are enrolled. These assignments and days qualify and can be reported. The remaining days are the responsibility of the parent homeschooling to fulfill and report.It is the responsibility of the parents to track and report your students progress. FEC will provide resources and examples to help you submit your IHIPs.

  • Will there be homework?

    Yes, the students will be assigned "homework". We call this "Homeschool Work". The "assignment" work will begin in the classroom, to ensure the students have fully grasped the concepts and will be completed at home. The students will return the next class date with their completed Homeschool Work and grade with the class and the tutor as a group.

  • Is there a syllabus/curriculum schedule FEC AND Parents will follow? 

    Yes, FEC will provide a completed syllabus of teaching they will complete and the parents will teach the off days from this syllabus from the curriculum purchased. The main teaching will be done at FEC on one of our Core M/W or T/T groups, and you, as a parent, will follow through with the assignments on the off days and fill in with hands-on learning and the personal touches of homeschooling. The FEC tutor will send homeschool work and assignments for their classes to provide academic learning for a Monday - Thursday learning pattern. It is the job and responsibility of each homeschool parent to follow through and check assignment completion before their student arrives for classes. All coursework is graded and expected to be completed. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to work through questions and problems in the assignments without continual contact of their tutor on off days from FEC schedule.

  • What is the Learn & Play study space?

    Drop your Core student for the day (8:30-1pm) and they can have quiet space to do their homeschool work and access to activities an open gym, and friends.

    What is it? A quiet learning space with supervised educators. An open gym to play, group games, friend time, board games, planned crafts and activities.

    This will be offered all four days - M/T/W/TH. If you are a Core member in the M/W group you can join the space on T/TH (and vise-versa).

    High-schoolers: We recommend high schoolers join us for our 4 Day Membership and take full advantage of our Learn and Play Space as we will have educators available to assist with the hard subjects like Math and ELA. 

  • What does a sample calendar look like with 2 Core Groups?

    Click Here for a Sample Calendar. In this calendar, you will see an example of a consistent schedule.

    Both the M/W and T/T Core groups will have the same amount of instruction days.If there is a Monday Holiday, Tuesday will also observe the holiday for an on site teaching day. This is simply due to tracking the same syllabus, as well as not charging different rates per Core group you join.

    Each group is following a 4 day Homeschool week. We suggest checking out our "sample syllabus" tab for more clarification.

  • Show me an example of a 4-Day school week with two different Core Groups.

    Click Here for a 4-Day school week with two different Core Groups

    Both Core Groups will follow a 4 day School week. This allows for 2 Core Days, and 2 at-home days.

    Because we will have two Core groups functioning, to follow the same syllabus, we are sharing a visual graphic of how that will work.

    Example: Day 1 lesson will be taught on Monday, and on Tuesday - so both Core groups have different "start days" with their model. However, no student is left "behind" in a schedule. This is just how the teaching is laid out.

  • Can my student join the other Core Group if they have a snow Day on their Core Day? 

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    Our primary focus is to provide quality on-site lessons, and due to logistical constraints, we are unable to accommodate the merging of classes, which results in larger group sizes. In the event of a snow day impacting one of your core teaching days, we recommend treating it as a Homeschool Day.
    Please follow the provided syllabus for guidance on continuing your student's education at home during these instances.

  • Can my kids join a different Core Day if they are sick on their Core Day? 

    Please contact us to discuss this possibility. We'll consider various factors such as class size, scheduled events, and teacher availability, to determine if we can accommodate this request.

  • How do I choose which Core Membership group I should Join (M/W or T/Th? 

    When filling our your application, we ask you to let us know your preferred day. 

    7th-12th will only have Core classes in the M/W Core Membership, so if you have a 7th-12th grader, and a younger student, you will receive priority of our Monday Core Membership so your students can come on the same day. 

    FEC will try to honor all requests.