Student FAQ

What material will the FEC be using for my student’s classes?

The FEC has carefully chosen curriculum agreed upon with the select tutors/class and subject. The purchase of a select textbook/workbook will be required for purchase by parents. The supply list will be provided upon enrollment. The specific curriculum can be discussed at the Student Assessment and personal interview with the Director and at the Open House in August.

Will the FEC class materials and subject matter covered qualify for School quarterly reports and submission of records?

The FEC will provide one-two days of material covered (depending on the enrollment each student chooses,) and will fulfill those days - week oer school days required for submission. The FEC is co-teaching with you as a parent to teach, assign and grade on the days the students are enrolled. These assignments and days qualify and can be reported. The remaining days are the responsibility of the parent homeschooling to fulfill and report.

Will there be tests and quizzes?

The decision to administer quizzes will be up to the tutor and FEC director. There will be testing per quarter for grade accuracy. The parents are not required to purchase quiz or test booklets.

Will there be homework?

Yes, the students will be assigned homework. This assignment work will begin in the classroom, to ensure the students have fully grasped the concepts and will be completed at home. The students will return the next class date with their completed homework and grade with the class and the tutor as a group. Once corrections are made and understood, they will turn that assignment in and it will be counted as a grade.

Is there a syllabus or curriculum schedule FEC will follow? WIll the parents follow the same schedule and teach the materials on the days they are not attending FEC?

Yes, FEC will provide a completed syllabus of teaching they will complete and the parents will teach the off days from this syllabus from the curriculum purchased. The main teaching will be done at FEC on Mondays and Wednesdays and you, as a parent, will follow through with the assignments on the off days and fill in with hands-on learning and the personal touches of homeschooling. The FEC tutor will send homework and assignments for their classes to provide academic learning for a Monday - Thursday learning pattern. It is the job and responsibility of each homeschool parent to follow through and check assignment completion before their student arrives for classes. All coursework is graded and expected to be completed. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to work through questions and problems in the assignments without continual contact of their tutor on off days from FEC schedule.

Will FEC provide a supply list for students and when?

The Supply List will be provided by August 1st at the latest, or upon student enrollment.

Can you tell me about the elective choice for the afternoons?

All electives are based on a tutor submission and availability. We will announce those as tutor interest forms are submitted and the interview process is complete. We have a list of electives we wish to offer and gladly accept any suggestions and/or tutor help as well.
** Send your suggestions and sign up to teach! You don’t have to be certified to tutor or teach an elective!